Garage Door Color Ideas

Your garage door can be one of the most visible features of your house, so it is worth thinking about the colour of your garage door before you buy a new one.

It could be that you haven’t given it much thought and think that the colour of your garage door isn’t something that you need to be concerned about. If aesthetics don’t matter to you and you are buying a new garage door simply for its effectiveness and protective qualities, you may not have given the door colour a second thought.

If you are replacing an old garage door for a new one, wouldn’t you prefer it to be in a colour that is more in keeping with the colouring of your house? If you can match your garage door to match up with your guttering, roof or front door, then it will appear more stylish and sympathetic to your hose style and aesthetics.

Take time to consider your colour choice

The colour of your garage door should be carefully considered so it doesn’t clash with the rest of your house. Most of our customers like to match their new garage doors to the colour of their front doors to give their home curb appeal a consistent look that is easy on the eye.

The choice of garage door material will also factor in here. A wooden garage door, for example, can be painted to match your colour scheme, or you can choose to let the natural wood tones speak for themselves and stain your garage door to match your wooden front door.

No matter what colour you choose, always remember that your garage door is a very large, visible part of your external home décor, so choose wisely because you may have to live with that colour for many years to come.

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Metal garage door colours

At Midland Garage Doors in Leicester, we offer a fully comprehensive range of garage doors to customers living in Leicestershire, including:

Our garage doors are built to give you a long life of security, functionality and great looking style. This includes the door finish that is designed to resist flaking, chipping and blistering from extreme weather temperatures.

We want to give you a garage door that is stylish, long-lasting and perfectly suits your needs. This is why we highly recommend talking to our team of expert garage door engineers so you will be sure that you find the right one for you in a colour that suits your tastes – and budget!

Remember though that you don’t necessarily need to replace your garage door like for like. Many people think that just because their house came with a garage with a canopy garage door that they need to stick to the same design when it comes to replacing it.

If there is a garage door design that is easier for you to open than a canopy door, then we can replace the whole thing including the door frame to give you a beautiful new door that you can manage better. This can be an important consideration for elderly customers or those with a limited physical range that makes it difficult for them to lift up and raise the door into an overhead position.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your garage door needs – we are here to help!

What is the most popular Colour for garage doors in the UK?

As of 2021, the most popular colours for garage doors in the UK were largely influenced by contemporary design trends. Neutral and muted tones, particularly anthracite grey, have become increasingly popular. This colour, in particular, complements a wide range of house exteriors and provides a modern, sleek look. Black, white, and various shades of blue and green were also quite common.

However, it’s worth noting that design and colour trends can evolve over time. While these colours were popular up to 2021, preferences might change in subsequent years. If you’re considering installing or replacing a garage door, it might be a good idea to consult local suppliers or look at current housing designs in your area to see the prevailing trends.