Roller garage doors are now probably the most popular and practical option on the market. They are individually unique, made to measure and fit perfectly every time. Roller garage doors are designed as a solution for those people who want to retain the ceiling area or access to the roof from their garage. The roller garage door is typically built with dense foam filled insulated 77mm aluminium slats providing excellent thermal protection inside your garage, they do not have horizontal tracks or frames like most other garage door models. Instead, the entire door will roll up into a box directly above the opening in the garage. Roller garage doors can be made to a size of up to 5.500 meters wide by up to 3 meters high making them ideal for large or small garages alike. These doors can be operated by a secure hand transmitter that can be used anywhere around the home.

All roller garage doors supplied by us come with a full hood box as standard, some garage door companies charge extra for this, they always come with a safety brake fitted to stop the door coming down unexpectedly should anything fail, thus ensuring your safety at all times. All doors have the latest safety equipment as standard and have a bottom edge rubber seal which acts as a safety edge on the bottom of the door. If the door is coming down and touches an obstacle it will stop and retract slightly so as to take any pressure off the obstacle and the door.  A really impressive feature as standard. Roller garage doors look great too, made in a range of colours to compliment your home, they can also be matched to your windows and doors if required.