Garage Door Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, and this also applies to your garage door that has been protecting your car or personal goods stored in your garage for many years. Many people inherit a garage door when they buy a house, and as garage doors are meant to give many years of good service, many people never get around to replacing their garage doors.

However, your garage door will need to be replaced eventually, and if you have never had to do this before you may feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect. Many people wonder where they even start!

If you live in the Leicestershire area and you need to replace your garage doors, then don’t worry! Midland Garage Doors are here to help you throughout the whole process and our team of expert door engineers are on hand to give you all the help and advice you need to ensure you make the right choice.

Increase your curb appeal

Old garage doors can look very shabby and can bring down the look of your home from the outside. It makes you feel good to spruce up the exterior of your home, but if your garage door is letting you down, you can put a serious dent in your curb appeal by hanging on to that old, tired looking garage door.

If you are hoping to sell your home, then first impressions really do count! A buyers mind will be made up within about ten seconds of arriving outside your home, so you will want to make the best first impression if you have any hope of selling your house.

Opening your garage door

It is not all about how your garage door looks. You will also want your door to be easy to open, especially if you have limited mobility or frequently fetch and carry things stored in your garage.

Think of how you want to open your garage because our team at Midland Garage Doors can provide a packaged deal at the time of replacement that includes electronic opening installation to make it easy for you to operate your new garage door.

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Garage door insulation

Many people like to heat their garage, especially if it attached to the house or they use the garage as a workshop. If you want a garage door with good insulation properties some designs are made with this in mind and can help to keep your garage space warmer.

Space-saving design

Your old garage door may be an up and over style that has a single-panel door. While these doors are very popular, if you are looking to maximise the available space in your garage or you need to free up extra headroom, then consider choosing a more space-saving design, such as a roller garage door or a sectional garage door that roll up when opened and take up less headroom than a traditional up and over style door.

No matter how you want to use your garage, your choice of a garage door can make all the difference to your plans. Whether you want a cost-effective solution because you are on a budget, or you want a space-saving design to maximise your garage space, Midland Garage Doors in Leicester will have the perfect solution for you!

If your garage door is damaged and you are not sure if it needs replacing, we also come out to inspect and repair your garage doors should you want to see if this is a better option for you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Midland Garage Doors in Leicester to discuss your garage door needs – we are here to help!