In recent years, there has been a revival in demand of people wanting to buy side hinged garage doors. These garage doors are a great way to offer a more traditional look to the exterior of your home and may be a better fit for those who prefer pedestrian access to their garage. This particular design is also beneficial to those whose space may not have a ton of overhead room available for other types of popular garage doors. Side hinged garage doors are built on a steel frame and are composed of two separate parts that open outward to provide free space within your garage. Though they are mostly manual entry, modern designs have added an electric garage door opener option for ease of use.

Side hinged garage doors require no vertical lift, which makes them much easier to open and close manually than competing options. Though it may seem as though these doors would offer less security, that is not necessarily the case. Hinged doors are built with a night latch and deadlock to prevent forced entry, and often include additional multi-lock options for an added layer of security. Since side hinged garage doors do not drop down, they also offer an additional safety benefit that is not available with traditional over the top garage doors.