Can Garage Doors Be Broken Into?

A Comprehensive Look at UK Garage Security

Many homeowners in the UK invest heavily in home security, but often overlook the potential vulnerabilities associated with garage doors. The question arises: Can garage doors be broken into? The unfortunate answer is yes. However, there are numerous steps that can be taken to bolster garage security, making it more difficult for intruders to gain access.

Common Methods Used to Break into Garage Doors

Manual Lock Picking

Some criminals possess the skill to manually pick a lock. Basic tumbler locks, common on older garages, are especially susceptible to this type of break-in.


Fishing involves inserting a hook or wire through the garage door window or gap to manually release the emergency latch. This technique is often used on garages with automatic openers.

Forced Entry

Here, brute force is used to either ram or pry open the garage door. This method is noisy but can be quick, especially if the garage door is made of weaker materials like thin aluminium.

“The garage can be a weak link in home security, and is often targeted because it typically contains valuable items and provides potential access to the home.”

Statistics on Garage Door Break-ins in the UK

YearNumber of Break-insPercentage of Total Home Break-ins


How to Improve Garage Door Security

Upgrading the Lock Mechanism

One of the first steps in bolstering your garage security is to upgrade the locking mechanism. Smart locks and deadbolts offer higher security compared to traditional tumbler locks.

Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Lights that activate upon sensing motion can act as a deterrent. Intruders are less likely to proceed if they risk being seen.

Using a Garage Door Security Bar

Security bars are physical devices that prevent the garage door from being opened from the outside. They are highly effective but need to be manually engaged and disengaged.

Install a Security System

Security cameras and alarms are excellent additions for comprehensive security. Many modern systems can be linked to your smartphone, alerting you to any suspicious activities.

  • Camera: Provides visual surveillance
  • Alarm: Scares away intruders and alerts neighbours
  • Smartphone Alerts: Immediate updates on any garage door activity

Consulting with Security Experts

If you’re serious about fortifying your garage against potential break-ins, it’s advisable to consult with a security expert. They can provide tailored recommendations based on your home’s specific needs.

“A secure home isn’t just about strong locks and alarms; it’s about a comprehensive approach that also pays attention to often-overlooked areas like the garage.”


In summary, while it is unfortunate that garage doors can be broken into, there are robust methods available for mitigating the risks. From upgrading your lock mechanism to installing advanced security systems, various strategies can significantly enhance your garage’s security, thereby providing you with peace of mind.